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5 steps to amazing success

Note: Being “successful” is a state of mind and being. What might make
you feel successful wouldn’t necessarily be the same for myself or others.
It is what makes you happy and feel accomplished in life.

About 70 years ago, the motivational speaker, Earl Nightingale, came out with some very basic principles around what he called, “The Strangest Secret”.

He gave one of the best definitions of success you’ll ever find..

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal..”

He goes on to say some pretty profound things, for instance,

The opposite of Courage is not cowardice… it is conformity. (think about that one)

We become what we think about (He expanded upon his friend Napolean Hill’s famous words)

You can listen to it here:

The Strangest Secret

That was 7 decades ago. And it is as powerful today as it was back then. All of
today’s greatest, and most successful motivational speakers, coaches, and mentors follow his words.

The 5 steps to your success are below. Listen to the short recording for a week or more to absorb the message. Follow the principles for 30 days and start witnessing a change in your life that will be truly amazing.

(I would love to hear your success story!)

5 Principles To Follow To Be Successful

1) You will become what you think about

2) Remember the word “imagination” and let your mind begin to soar

3) Practice courage – not conformity. Concentrate on your stated goal every day

4) Save %10 of what you earn

5) Take Action. Ideas are worthless unless we act on them

The Strangest Secret

During your internet marketing career, doubt might set in.

But if you push that feeling away… if you get up everyday and keep
completing small tasks towards your stated goal, you will accomplish BIG victories.

You can become one of the top 5%.

I’ll leave you with that today..

Cris Wood

Long-Term Income Building